Working Process - Holts KDE

Working Process

A brand-new, gorgeous Holts KDE kitchen in 6 easy steps!

  • Step 1

    Design consultation – one of our team will visit with you at your home. This meeting usually takes around an hour. This is when we take the necessary measurements and discuss your wish list. It gets personal! We want to find out all about you so we will ask our ‘ninja’ questions. The reason for this questioning is because your kitchen will be custom made to suit you!

  • Step 2

    First design proposal and costings – it starts to get exciting now. Seeing ideas down on paper can often open up a whole new creative process – Can we try this here? Why don’t we do this? Would this work? Would that work? The highest level of detail goes into your design proposal. You will receive plan drawings, elevations, electrical plans and itemised costings. Computer generated images will show you exactly what your kitchen is going to look like and you will be able to take these home to peruse at your leisure.

  • Step 3

    Creating the vision – Once your design is finalized it is time for colour selections of doors choice of worksurfaces, hardware choices. Once chosen these will be superimposed on to your design so that you get a clear image of exactly what your kitchen will look like.

  • Step 4

    Production – Now your kitchen is off to be made real! Manufacturing time generally takes around 8-10 weeks and you will be given an exact fitting day to allow you to arrange any possible ancillary work.

  • Step 5

    Installation – Over to our men of vision. You will have received a full plan of works telling you what will happen when and which trades will be with you when. For an average kitchen that does not include specialist worksurfaces, installation is complete within six working days. NOW WE’RE COOKING!

  • Step 6

    Your designer will pop back to visit you to ensure that you are totally blown away with your amazing new kitchen.

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