In our many years of designing kitchens, we at Holts KDE have seen plenty of large, open kitchen spaces. They’re always fun to work on, and it’s become the modern thing these days to blend the kitchen and living space together.

But… We have also come across many kitchens that in comparison, can be quite small and only have a limited amount of room to play with.

You may be wondering, how can you make the best of a small space? Well, we’re always up for a challenge. Sometimes, all you need are some clever design ideas provided by those who’ve been in the business for half a century (that’s us!) to help you to improve the compact space you have.

In this blog we’ll offer you some of our tips on how to make a small kitchen workable, but at the same time actually look and feel bigger than it actually is.

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5 Small Kitchen Ideas

Give one side of the kitchen narrow depth cupboards

With a smaller room, it’s very important to maximise what you do have to be able to move around. One way to ‘create’ more floor space when designing a new kitchen, is by adding narrow depth storage to one half of the kitchen.

Adding narrow depth cupboard space to one side of your room, this brings a wider feel to the kitchen. Plus, we love clever storage at Holts that always makes the most of what you’ve got you have.

Utilising taller cupboards

You may now be thinking, “if I have narrow depth cupboards, wont I lose cupboard space?” but the answer is: not necessarily. Think about overcoming this challenge by considering higher / taller cupboards too. When designing a custom-made kitchen with Holts KDE, you can adapt your unit sizes to give you more room. By reducing the plinth space underneath and adding it to the cupboard height it can give you much more storage throughout your kitchen.

Streamline your kitchen

Handleless kitchens are not only very popular right now, but for a smaller kitchen can also be an additional space saver. A handleless kitchen is easier to navigate in a small space, no more bumping into metal door handles when carrying hot food or the washing up! This seamless design also gives a good illusion of more room!

Adding push catch cabinets also adds to the functionality of your room. With this design feature, simply pressing the cabinet door will open it. Nice and handy!

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Consider telescopic hoods

When we’re working with a small kitchen space, we simply can’t afford to take up space with a large oven hood. We always consider the ‘you’ factor, before the ‘wow’ factor, meaning we won’t try and cram in appliances to make a point. We have to think about what our client is going to love to live in.

This is why we recommend adding a telescopic hood over your oven to create more space over the cooking area.

A telescopic hood is actually a small extractor that fits nicely underneath the cupboard – making it almost invisible. This feature creates a wider space over your oven, creating the illusion of more space but also giving extra storage in the cupboard it sits in.

Use visual tricks

A nice little tip we like to use when designing kitchens is using visual ‘tricks’ to create the look of a bigger space. One way to use this in your kitchen is by running your worktop colour throughout the walls. Using matte tiles in light, muted, and natural tones, or highly reflecting gloss tiles is an excellent way to create the illusion of more space. If you want to know more about small kitchen design. Click here to watch our YouTube video on this exact subject.

Are you thinking of remodelling your small kitchen? Holts Kitchen Design Experts are here to help! You can visit our showroom located at Park View Business Centre in Cheshire. And for more kitchen design tips and inspiration, please do follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We also have a YouTube channel covering everything you need to know about kitchens.

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