I’m having an extension built, does it need to be built before you can do the design?

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This is a question often asked. At present, instead of moving house many people are choosing to extend their current homes instead. If not extension work, construction work of some kind to alter existing rooms – knocking down dividing walls, for example. It is no problem to begin the design process ‘off plan.’ In fact, many times it is advisable.

Once you have an architect’s plan for your kitchen extension or constructional work, take it to your kitchen designer. Whilst he/she is creating the layout, it might be that moving a window or a doorway 150mm to the left or right would enhance the overall kitchen design. It is obviously easier to do that on paper now than when the building is up.

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Another benefit of completing the design early is that when the builder gets to the stage of what we call first fix electrics, lighting and plumbing you will be able to tell him exactly where to run all the wires and pipework. Once again, this saves having to re-do all your sockets or relocate a radiator.

Once our clients are delighted with their kitchen design, we supply their builder with first fix drawings showing them where the double sockets, and the cooker ring main is. Also, where the lights are going and how the lights are switched. It saves time, effort and money.

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If your project is what we call a living kitchen with an open plan kitchen design leading into a dining room and/or lounge area we can design the electrical plan for the whole area at this time. This is when it is important to be dealing with a designer (not a salesman.) who will have thoughtful and detailed discussion with you about how you intend to use the space. Dining, a soft seating area to watch TV; an area where the children can play or separate area for them to do homework. This helps to create a final space that not only looks stunning but is tailor made to your needs.

Once there are walls coming out of the ground more accurate measurements can be taken. If necessary, the design can be altered accordingly. Timing is important. Remember that custom made kitchens can take up to 12 weeks to manufacture. We work very closely with clients on this. We have to work along with the builder’s estimations of completion in terms of when to order the kitchen for delivery. Ideally, everything follows seamlessly on, in perfect timing.

————Warning Alert————

Builders are great at what they do. Many of them may also suggest that they are great at designing and fitting kitchens…

Just as you wouldn’t expect your painter and decorator to paint your portrait – don’t expect a builder to design your perfect, tailor made, dream kitchen!

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