There are many design features available when you choose a German custom made kitchen from Schuller. The added benefits are vast but the main advantage to our clients is that they are given choices. Lets take the humble cutlery insert. Just for cutlery? Think again;

moulded plastic cutlery insert tray

The moulded, plastic tray

Naturally, one may find the ubiquitous plastic tray option readily accessible. Great for concealing all items and equipment, whether they are simple to organize or more challenging to maintain in a neat manner.

However, it does come with its fair share of limitations.

Consider this: what if your assortment of knives simply refuses to snugly fit into the designated spaces?

Enter the adjustable tray

Made of heavy duty plastic with adjustable sliders, there are also adjustable knife holders supplied with this model.

Produced using durable heavy-duty plastic, this tray is designed to withstand the rigours of daily use. It features adjustable sliders, allowing you to customize the tray to perfectly fit your specific requirements.

Its easy to arrange your knives according to their size, ensuring easy access and optimal safety. Say hello to a well-organized and efficient kitchen with this remarkable yet humble product.

basic wooden cutlery insert

The wooden cutlery tray

Not sure you want a plastic tray, let’s upgrade to timber.

Opting for wooden cutlery inserts instead of their plastic counterparts is a fantastic way to prioritize the environment. By embracing timber-based solutions for your cutlery drawer, you actively contribute to reducing the usage and manufacturing of plastic items.

This conscious choice holds tremendous potential for preserving our precious oceans, beaches and rivers. It also really upgrades the look of the insert and is very durable.

However, as you can see this model will still only take your cutlery.

Cutlery insert additions

Things now start to get interesting. Let’s stick with the timber inserts but make a few additions.

Now you can see it’s a little bit more than just cutlery. There is storage for a trivet, a chopping board, spice pots all in addition to the cutlery. With this model there are also metal dividers so the length of the cutlery spaces can be adjustable.

trivets chopping board cutlery drawer insert
Storage for a trivet, chopping board and spice pots all in addition to the cutlery.

There’s more to cutlery inserts…

Now we have added foil dispensers and a knife block (see image below), the possibilities are endless!

plus foil dispenser spices cutlery insert

These are just some of the items available to be incorporated into the shallow drawers but there are also hundreds of accessories that can be fitted into the deeper drawers, far too many to show here.

Visit our showroom to see our displays of Schuller, German, kitchens and discover the choices they give you, we look forward to seeing you!

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