Laundry is often at the back of people’s minds when planning their kitchens. Washing machines and tumble dryers just aren’t sexy and are always associated with boring laundry work.

Focussing all your attention on the fabulous array of kitchen gadgets and appliances gets everyone’s pulse racing. Its okay, we completely understand! However its in the months and years after your stunning new kitchen has been installed, when you’re doing the laundry, that you come back down back down to Earth with a… back injury.

Why bend down to your washer and drier?
This makes no sense!

Good planning goes a long way, think about the practicalities

  1. Location location location

    Consider the placement of your washing machine or tumble dryer with care. Avoid having it as the focal point of your kitchen, but also make sure it’s not hidden away in a hard-to-reach spot behind obstacles. Choose a location that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

  2. Down down, deeper and down

    None of us are getting any younger. Being kind on our backs is important if we want to avoid back-pain, or worse. Why put your washing machine and tumble dryer down at floor level? It just means you have to bend down to load and unload โ€” this just isn’t practical.

  3. Level-up!

    Our solution to bending down to get the laundry basket and getting back ache in the process is… raise up the washer to your level so you don’t have to bend down any more. It’s that simple!

Heres how laundry made easy works

Wondering why there are holes in this door?

Those holes are actually part of a clever design feature that turns this door into a clothes sorter. You can easily separate your linens, whites, and mixed colours by simply tossing them through the holes into the designated compartments behind the door.

This innovative system not only saves you the hassle of opening multiple doors to sort your laundry, but it also keeps your laundry organized and easily accessible.

Say goodbye to messy piles of clothes and hello to a more efficient and streamlined laundry routine with this convenient clothes sorter door.

So whatโ€™s inside?

Inside the laundry room, you will find a variety of clothes baskets made from lightweight wicker material. These baskets are not only functional for storing dirty laundry but also add a touch of style to the room.

The wicker material is durable and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for a high-traffic area like the laundry room. Each basket is designed to be easily removable and replaceable, making it convenient for sorting and organizing laundry. Additionally, the baskets are stackable, allowing for efficient use of space in the room.

Overall, the wicker clothes baskets in the laundry room combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, making laundry day a little more enjoyable.

baskets to store clothes

Ready to load up the washer?

Okay, so take out the clothes you need to wash. Simply remove the basket, place the clothes in washing machine, the basket back on the shelf and then close the door.

easy to remove laundry baskets

Pop-out drawer shelf

No more struggling with heavy laundry baskets. This convenient pop-out shelf is a game-changer. Just a simple tap with your toe and it smoothly opens up, making it a breeze to load up the washing machine. Pull-out shelf options like this are all the rage right now for good reason – they’re incredibly practical and make laundry day a whole lot easier.

Pull out laundry shelf

Easy loading

Easily place the clothes basket on the convenient pull-out shelf and start loading up the washer without straining your back or having to bend down and kneel on the floor.

easy to load laundry basket

Built in utility rooms

Upgrade your kitchen with more than just practicality – consider adding pantry elements for increased functionality. Wine storage, pull-out vegetable crates, and drawers for dried goods all provide convenient storage solutions while open shelf space adds a touch of style.

These features not only enhance the organization of your kitchen but also alleviate the strain of bulk storage. Elevate your space with these thoughtful additions for a more efficient and stylish culinary experience.

A higher level

Placing your washing machine or tumble dryer higher up makes practical sense.

Its easy to access for grown-ups and hard to access for little ones. How many times have you forgot to put the child lock on the washer controls? Yeah I thought so, me too!

modern multi-purpose wall storage system dark grey shelves washing mashing wine rack laundry shelf

๐Ÿ‘† Same again but in sexy black, there are in fact many different colour options.


Discover the endless opportunities for maximizing your laundry room, utility room, and compact kitchen with Holts KDE. Utilize the vertical space by incorporating versatile wall units equipped with shelves, drawers, and compartments for storing various items such as wine, food, kitchen utensils, and laundry appliances like washing machines and tumble dryers. Elevating these appliances to a higher level not only spares your back from unnecessary strain but also optimizes the overall functionality of the space.

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